The Community of All Saints

As a church committed to the being the body of Christ, various ministries and organisations are available for members to find a home from any of the various small groups within the life of the parish. 

The various ministries in the parish aim to serve a specific need of service according to the preference of the different parishioners who may feel called to serve God and make a contribution to parish life in a specific way. 

Each group or ministry is led by a group leader, and meet at various times in the week, month or quarter. The groups also serve as a means of fellowship, spiritual growth, learning  and worship at a different level as people interact more closely with one another. 

Serving Guild

The serving guild is made up of male and female members from the age of……. Their primary purpose is to assist the Priest at the Sanctuary during the services, with preparing the Altar for services, attending services according to their roster to serve, to share duties and hold regular meetings and rehearsals.

training is given by the more senior servers for all those who join the serving guild, as a way of orientating them around the work and expectations of serving.

The Serving guild leaders are made of 3 members:

The Headserver

The Sectretary

The Treasurer.

Lay ministers

The lay ministers assist the priest with much of the work of ministry in the parish, such as leading services, reading, leading prayers, visitations to the sick, taking holy communion to the sick, teaching candidates for Baptism and confirmation.

Lay ministers carry the Bishop’s license to do their duties, and are linked to the broader body of lay ministers throughout the Diocese.

They meet once or twice in a quarter to discuss matters affecting their area of work and pastoral matters, at the direction of the priest.

Lay ministers are under the leadership of the priest, however a person amongst them is chosen to draw up rosters for the different services in a quarter.

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